Competition Guidelines

Teams are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the BCS and the event sponsors and/or promoters. Violation may lead to disqualification.

All meats must be presented for inspection as raw meat. Pre-trimming of meat is permitted, but it may not be pre seasoned, injected or marinated.

Teams are responsible for sanitation and must meet the health requirements of the jurisdiction in which the event is held.

Teams must abide by fire codes in the event’s jurisdiction, but as a minimum, must have one compliant fire extinguisher.

Turn-in times shall be 45 minutes apart with a plus/minus window of 5 minutes for turn- in.

A turn-in schedule shall be distributed at the cooks’ meeting and times shall be posted at the turn-in point.

Entries shall be presented in identical 9×9 Styrofoam containers approved and provided by the BCS and will be processed in double blind fashion.

Garnish is optional and is defined as leafy, edible, vegetable garnish. No garnish may be on the meat when presented to judges. Also optional is the use of a flat piece of foil on the bottom of the presentation box. Any question regarding garnish shall be brought to the attention of the competition coordinator for final determination which can include disqualification of the entry.

Teams may request a courtesy view from the contest coordinator for presentation acceptability within the turn-in window.

BCS 4 meat events shall consist of 6 discernible pieces. For special events, i.e. 1 or 2 meat, Tri Tip, Sausage, Seafood, salsa, chili, taco, etc, scoring shall be on the same 10 point system with descriptors pertinent to the event. Descriptors and any updated rules or requirements will be posted & provided to participants prior to the event and to the judges at the judges meeting.

Chicken – thigh, leg, wings or breast.

Pork Ribs – Spare or back ribs bone in

Pork – Shoulder or Butt. Pulled, chopped or sliced or any combination. Remember, judges are to sample from each cut in determining their score.

Beef Brisket – Pulled, chopped or sliced or any combination.

Remember, judges are to sample from each cut in determining their score.

All entries will be judged on a 1 to 10 point system by a panel of six judges. All judging will have the following descriptors as markers for judging and feedback.

1 – Disqualified Only the Head judge can authorize this score.
2 – Awful, raw or inedible
3 – Had significant faults
4 – Faulted
5 – Somewhat below average
6 – Average
7 – A bit above average
8 – Very good
9 – Great!
10 – Outstanding!!!

Entries shall be judged on the following criteria. Presentation, Texture, and Flavor.

Cooking may only be done with wood, wood products or charcoal. Propane may be used as a starter, but no meat may be on the grill while propane is in use. The no meat on the grill also applies if a propane assisted restart must be accomplished.

The Head Judge will be the final authority for any actions or interpretations.

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